About Our Family
Our Family settled on the island in the early 1800’s as part of the initial wave of Irish American immigration. Our income was entirely dependent on fishing the waters of Lake Michigan. Commercial fishing died out int he late 1970’s and only Native Americans are allowed to work that trade now. Of the almost 500 year round residents on the island, only a few dozen descendants are all that remain of our once immense family.

The Island
The island has 7 inland lakes, three of which are very good for fishing. Beaver Island is 6 miles wide and 13 miles long encompassing 58 square miles. It is surrounded by 7 other islands of the Beaver Island Archipelago. The village of St. James on Paradise Bay has a beautiful sand, public playground/swimming beach. There is a K-12 public school, library, churches, taverns a.k.a. “pubs”, motels, and campgrounds on the island. Several restaurants on the island offer a variety of experiences from family fare to fine elegant dining. Central Michigan University have summer activities on the island, including a Biological Station where summer classes are taught. You may enjoy a good book overlooking Lake Michigan, walk the shores of sand beaches, take a swim in the clear lake water, explore the island and its’ over 100 miles of roads and trails, kayak, go for a bike ride, fish on one of the several inland lakes, admire the vast array of stars, discover some of the other islands in the Archipelago, get a massage, play 9 holes at the Beaver Island Golf Course, lounge on the patio, have cocktails at the Lodge, enjoy Donegal Bay’s fantastic sunsets, visit the CMU Biological Station, climb one of the 2 lighthouses, or simply RELAX!
Need a break from the tourist swamped cities or cement buildings in the summer? This is a vacation you will never forget and you will leave feeling truly rested. Come to historic Beaver Island, America’s Emerald Isle, located in the middle of Lake Michigan. While this island itself is laid back, there is always plenty to do. The”Rock” is constantly surrounded by nature, whether it be the majestic forests or the tempting sand beaches. Rent kayaks and tour the inland lakes or scuba dive the many ship wrecks. Get Away to an unspoiled natural environment where daily eagle sightings are common. A place that has been virtually untouched and unspoiled, that is Beaver Island! When you arrive on the island, you will find a place that will take you back in time. Slow, patient, friendly, and Beautiful! If you are looking to “Get Away”, our cottage on Beaver Island, is it. 

Getting to Beaver Island
By Boat: The ferry to the island departs from Charlevoix, MI. Charlevoix is a Lake Michigan harbor city located approximately 250 miles north of Detroit. The ferry takes a little over 2 hours each way.
By Air: There are also two aviation companies providing 20 minute flights to and from the island 7 days a week. These airlines also provide charter flights to the island. Rental cars, taxis, and bicycles are available to rent on the island.

Island Activities
Restaurants/Night Life
Wildlife Viewing
Guided Hunting & Fishing Tours

Useful Links
Beaver Island Boat Company – (231) 547-2311
Island Airways – (231) 547-2141
Fresh Air Aviation – (888) 359-7448
Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce
Beaver Beacon